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Starz trying to ease the pain of not having Outlander today….
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Outlander Hiatus, Week 1: The Courtship According to Jamie

Here is a treat for you all on this the first Outlander-less Saturday of the hiatus (sobs). Enjoy!

For Jamie, it was love at first profanity.

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Hey remember that time I had tumblr?

Wow,  it’s so weird to come back here and scroll through the blog of angsty sixteen-year-old Erin. If I’m being totally honest I probably haven’t changed all that much. I was consumed by school and gave this thing up, but I think it worked out in my favour. Turns out I’m kind of a smart cookie who tops classes and does well if she tries hard. I actually returned to scroll through my posts and see if I could find a quote I used to like for my graduation ceremony in three weeks (!), but my nostalgia just took over and now I’m a little huffed - it’s amazing how much of a fangirl I used to be. I hardly ever read books or watch movies or tv for myself anymore (I did read Silver Shadows because it was so thin, but City of Heavenly Fire remains at the top of a pile, awaiting future me, who will be finished the HSC in just two short months!) So yeah maybe I am a little different. However, all this scrolling has made me determined to return to tumblr, and I will probably make this grand return in November. First call to action will be my terrible URL. I’ll have to make a list of things that need changing, but I am super excited. I will see you all very soon hopefully, when I can discuss all kinds of books I shall be reading and loving in all the spare time I will have! 

10:57pm "Who the hell looks at you and says ‘historically inaccurate’?"
Adrian Ivashkov, The Golden Lily (via nothinglessthanseveninches)

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 I love it how the announcement of the trio is classed as a historical pic